Alaska Women's Lobby
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AWL Mission

To defend and advance the rights and needs of women, children and families in Alaska.

AWL Legislative Goals

Economic Justice

  • A living wage
  • Pay equity
  • Working conditions for women and families
  • Accessible, affordable child care


  • Denali KidCare
  • Accessible, affordable health care
  • Reproductive health rights
  • Promote healthy lifestyles


  • Early childhood education
  • Comprehensive health education

Civil Liberties

  • Gay rights
  • Oppose the death penalty
  • Immigration rights

Public Safety

  • Support actions to end domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Oppose human trafficking
  • Increase child safety
  • Oppose bullying

AWL Organizational Goals

  • To be legislatively proactive and support grassroots advocacy
  • To grow a diverse statewide membership
  • To establish successful fundraising

AWL Steering Committee Membership

  • Attend monthly telephonic meetings
  • Attend annual face-to-face strategic planning meeting
  • Participate in fundraising efforts
  • Work to grow a diverse membership statewide

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